First Blog for English 102

What topics or fields do you consider yourself an expert in? Uh, I don’t really consider myself as an expert with anything; I’m average. I know that love hurts and it’s always good to have friends you can depend on. But really, I know nothing more than the next person, or the person after that. The only thing I do consider myself a expert, or some-what of an expert, is Harry Potter.

How did you become an expert in these areas? I became an expert in Harry Potter by reading the books and criticizing the movies. Anything else I could be an expert in I learned from experience.

What subjects, topics or activities are you very interested in and would like to learn more about? Subjects: Math, Science, Biology, Astronomy, English/Creative Writing. Topics: Harry Potter, Books, Movies, TV Shows. Activities: Reading, Watching Movies and TV Shows, Playing games.

Why are you interested in them? I’m interested in the subjects listed above because I’m good at them and because they have interesting parts that make you ask questions. I’m interesting in the topics because, well, Harry Potter I sort of grew-up with and he and his friends help me through hard times when I read his story; books because you can aways get lost in the imagination of a good book; movies and tv shows because it’s the version of lazy reading and you can hear the differeny types of accents. I’m interesting in the activities above because just like I said about the books, reading takes you too different places, and the same goes for watching tv and movies, because it’s the lazy form of reading. Playing games I’m interested in because they make you think and you can play games with the family.

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